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How to build stress resilience
Build your stress resilience by regular practicing of Yoga and leave powerful Yoga exercises not only to strengthen your muscles but to boost 100% of your intellectual potential at work. See who, why, how, and when, and don't wait, start today.

Here is some scientific literature related to this topic:

1. Efficacy of yoga for mental performance in university students.

With growing scientific evidence, yoga is emerging as an important health behavior-lifestyle modifying module to achieve holistic health at physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels. Brain wave coherence (BWC) recordings from the surface of the skull are associated with different cognitive processes and plays both critical and useful roles in yoga with wide range of functional significance. The psycho-physiological changes that characterize the efficacy of yoga for better mental performance in university students have not been studied adequately. BWC study showed significant increase in both Delta and Alpha wave coherence suggesting that Integrated Yoga Module can result in improvement of coherent and integrated brain functioning among students, thus paving the way for their better mental performance.

2. Yoga therapy for promoting emotional sensitivity in University students

Students need emotional intelligence (EI) for their better academic excellence. There are three important psychological dimensions of EI: Emotional sensitivity (ES), emotional maturity (EM) and emotional competency (EC), which motivate students to recognize truthfully, interpret honestly and handle tactfully the dynamics of their behavioral pattern. The present study suggests that yoga instructor's course can result in improvement of ES among university students, thus paving the way for their academic success.

3. Efficacy of Yoga for sustained attention in university students.

Sustained attention (SA) is a vital function mediated by the right frontal - parietal cortex. The digit vigilance test (DVT) measures SA. Assessment of SA in students for their academic excellence is considered to be an essential part of a neuropsychological evaluation. The present study suggests that Integrated Yoga Module can result in improvement of SA among students, thus paving the way for their academic excellence. 

4. Yoga improves attention and self-esteem in underprivileged girl student.

The present study suggests that of Integrated Yoga Module can result in improvement of attention and self-esteem among students and thereby enhancing their mental health and can help them in improving their academic achievement. Efforts aimed at reducing mental health problems among students may focus more on implementing effective and culturally acceptable interventions, such as Yoga, counseling, and social support.

5. Effect of yoga on academic performance in relation to stress

It may be concluded from the finding of the study that with the intervention of yoga, academic performance improves by optimizing the stress levels. So it is suggested that yoga module should become a regular feature in the schools.

6. Effect of Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama on concentration of students

We found that students who practiced NSP (Yoga technique) maintain better concentration in academia. NSP improves the concentration of the students, enhances the learning process, and helps students to minimize the stress and improve academic performance.

For managers (or PIs and professors in the Academic environment) and organisations:

7. Impact of yoga way of life on organizational performance: Research Article

Adoption of the Yoga Way of Life by managers have a positive impact on organizational performance indicators such as: job satisfaction, goal orientation, organizational citizenship behavior, affective organizational commitment

In 21st century the corporate world is associated with the most tension giving elements such as competition, deadlines, market conditions and above all the desire to reach high on the corporate ladder. These four elements are ultimately responsible to impair the harmonious interplay of body, mind and spirit thereby leading to various health problems among corporate work-forces. On the other hand, yoga seems as an emerging avenue for the worldwide corporate health and wealth. The packaging of Yoga for corporate life style is the best preventive and therapeutic measure to optimize organizational health and culture as well. Persistent practice of Yoga by a corporate executive makes him/her healthy and wealthy. Yoga will prove to be an art and science of life for a corporate executive

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